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One of the major constraints identified at the Medicinal Plants Forum for Commonwealth Africa, an international conference held in Cape Town in 2000, was the lack of suitable technical specifications and quality control standards for African medicinal plants and herbal medicines.


The lack of such standards was considered to be a major barrier to regional and international trade and an important reason why traditional medicine has not been widely integrated into African primary health care.

Currently, despite the fact that more than 80% of Africans rely on plant based medicine, governments in only a handful of African countries give official recognition and support to this important sector.


A total of 28 experts on African herbal medicines from 17 different countries gathered at the Centurion Lake Hotel in the Republic of South Africa from May 13th to 15th 2005, to review the problems and prospects of developing international trading and quality control standards for Africa’s most important medicinal plants.

In a historic decision, delegates at the meeting signed the Centurion Declaration, pledging Africa-wide support for the establishment of an association dedicated exclusively to the preparation of such standards and the development of an African Herbal Pharmacopoeia.


The organisation, known as AAMPS – Association for African Medicinal Plants Standards, has its headquarters in Mauritius.


Membership – whilst initially drawn from the signatories of the Centurion Declaration – now embraces many others dedicated to similar goals.


Professor Berhanu Abegaz
University of Botswana, Botswana


Professor Marian Addy*
University of Ghana, Ghana


Ms Ngozi Aligwekwe
Biodiversity Conservation Development Programme, Nigeria

Mr Victor Attafua*
Vicdoris Pharmaceuticals, Ghana


Mr Thomas Brendler*
PlantaPhile, Germany


Mr Simon Byanyuma
Tabeco International, Tanzania


Mr Tom Chapman
Essential Nutrition, United Kingdom


Professor Ermias Dagne*
Ariti Herbal Products, Ethiopia


Professor Drissa Diallo
Department of Traditional Medicine, Mali


Mr Pierre Du Plessis
CRIAA SA-DC, Namibia


Professor Kobus Eloff*
University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa


Dr Mohamed H. Farah
WHO Drug Monitoring Centre, Sweden


Mr Ulrich Feiter*
Parceval Pharmaceuticals, Republic of South Africa


Dr Nigel Gericke
Phyto Nova (Pty) Ltd, Republic of South Africa


Dr Jack Githae
School of Alternative Medicine and Technology, Kenya

Professor Ameenah Gurib-Fakim*
University of Mauritius, Mauritius


Professor Peter Houghton
King’s College London, United Kingdom


Mr Lawrance Denzil Phillips*
Denzil Phillips International Ltd, United Kingdom


Professor Philippe Rasoanaivo
Institut Malgache de Recherche Applique, Madagascar


Dr Diane Robertson
Wholistic Herb Association, Jamaica


Dr Archibald A. Sittie
Council for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, Ghana


Dr Elzabe Stoffberg
Natura Laboratory, Republic of South Africa


Professor Gerry Swan
University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa


Dr Gilbertha St Rose
Caribbean Herb Business Association, St Lucia


Dr Roy Van Brummelen
Biomox Pharmaceuticals, Republic of South Africa


Professor Ben-Erik Van Wyk*
University of Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa


Professor Arnold J. Vlietinck
Universiteit van Antwerpen, Belgium


Professor Charles Wambebe
International Biomedical Research in Africa, Nigeria


Ms Anke Weisheit
Mbarara University, Uganda


* Founding Board Members of AAMPS Ltd.

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